What are Pocket Listings?

A pocket listing in Arizona exists when a real estate agent has entered into an agreement with a client to assist/represent the client in selling their property, but the real estate agent has not listed the property for sale in the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS). In a pocket listing situation, the property is not advertised publicly via the MLS, and in most pocket listing situations, a for sale sign is not placed on the property. Instead, the property is marketed via word of mouth (and other methods) and then shown privately by appointment only.

As a real estate licensee in Arizona for over 20 years and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Arizona for over 17 years, I’m well-connected and have established numerous, widespread networks that can effectively market or locate pocket listings and ensure that my clients have an opportunity to purchase properties that others don’t have access to or sell properties in a more private manner without utilizing the MLS. In my most recent pocket listing transaction, I sold a client’s property for $900,000 without listing the property in the MLS and within a few weeks of obtaining the pocket listing. Although pocket listings represent a small percentage of my business and the overall real estate market, pocket listings do exist and you should be aware of how the process works. If you would like to learn more about pocket listings, please contact me.

CPA Advantage Realty, LLC is licensed to provide real estate brokerage services in the State of Arizona.  Although some real estate licensees employed by CPA Advantage Realty, LLC are duly licensed as certified public accountants in the State of Arizona, CPA Advantage Realty, LLC is not a certified public accountant firm and is not regulated by the Arizona State Board of Accountancy.